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Pausing to Praise, & Looking Forward

New years are not just times for new resolutions – they are times to remember the previous year. They act as a sort of temporal ebeneezer for Christians when we pause to thank the Lord for his faithfulness. Here are just a few highlights from the Lord’s work through Tennessee Valley Presbytery church plants in 2020.

People Reached

  • 6 new conversions

  • 7 continuing church plants

*These numbers, reported by our church planters, represent their best estimates recognizing that none of us can completely judge someone else’s spiritual condition.* Finances

  • In 2020, God provided $390,000 for our church planting efforts.

  • We are thankful to start 2021 in a strong financial position.

  • $195,000 allocated directly to church plant and renewal efforts

  • $220,000 for recruiting, fundraising efforts, committee costs, full-time executive director, and general oversight

2020 Funding Sources

Moving Forward

  • 2021 budget – $415,000

  • Continue supporting and serving the 7 existing church plants

  • Start the next 5 church plants

    • Ringgold, GA

    • Tiftonia, GA

    • Powell, TN

    • Dunlap, TN

    • Athens, TN

  • Hire an executive director

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