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Testimonies From Two Churches

“We’ve been in Athens for about 16 years and consider ourselves Baptists, but we had a difficult time finding a Bible-centered church where you learn something when you attend. One of our complaints was that every church we went to was more like a social gathering with a little bit of Scripture squeezed in. I found that pastors preached what they believed and wanted to, regardless of what the Bible says.

“The Stapletons moved in two houses down, and Curt told me he was planting a church. He started a Bible study at his house. Over several months of conversations with him, I was impressed by his knowledge of what the Bible actually says. He pointed out different aspects I’d never thought about, even in topics I knew a lot about. I’m thankful for a Bible-oriented pastor who knows the Scripture and is willing to discuss things. There haven’t been any topics we can’t talk about.

“The church is growing. Most people come for the same reasons - they want a Bible-centered church where you can ask questions and grow. Almost as many people are at Bible study as in the service. At every service, every Bible study, and every event, we’re learning.”

  • David Fruendt

  • Redeemer Athens PCA - Church Plant

  • Athens, TN


“Heartfelt, Christ-centered, and Filled with Love”

“When my wife, Kim, and I were searching for a church, some neighbors invited us to Grace Presbyterian Church, sharing that, while small in number, the congregation was extremely welcoming and the pastor shared the word of God in a wonderfully meaningful way.

“We found that Pastor Erik McDaniel preached the word and provided insights in ways that we had never heard in our nearly 60 years of church attendance. The prayers he offered were heartfelt, Christ-centered, and filled with love and concern for our fellow man. And the energy that filled the sanctuary as roughly 25 people enthusiastically sang hymns was infectious. As the church has continued to grow (currently 43 members and 65-70 regular attendees), we have found it easy to meet, welcome, and become acquainted with each new person who joins us.

“This is an exciting time for me in my spiritual walk with God through Jesus Christ. I consider myself an infant in so many ways, and I look forward with great anticipation to the gifts God has yet to uncover for me. I have gained a far greater understanding of God’s will for me in my life. I see much more clearly the role he calls me to fill. Praise be to God!”

  • Rick Skatula

  • Grace Presbyterian Church - Revitalization Church

  • Jasper, TN

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