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Planting Seeds in Athens, TN

Redeemer PCA Athens is continuing to build their foundation so they can join God’s work of reaching the lost in Athens and restoring the local community. As Curt Stapleton and the new core group continue building the base of Redeemer, Curt’s found ways to meet people in the community. “Redeemer is a mission-oriented church and most of what we are doing at this stage is outreach in the community,” says Curt. “We also have a Wednesday small group through which people are growing and learning.”

It is encouraging to see the ways God is at work through simple conversations. “I frequent a restaurant here on a weekly basis, getting to know the lunch crowd,” Curt says. “I’ve met several men who are no longer in the Church. Recently, I shared our new church logo (a rooster) with them. I was encouraged that one man knew immediately that the rooster is a reference to Peter’s denial of Jesus and the Resurrection.”

“Another man who I have been intentionally talking to for months and praying for regularly said he absolutely loved the logo because he knew he failed Jesus often. He was captured by the story of Christ restoring Peter after the resurrection and sending him out in ministry. He seemed energized by the explanation of God’s grace. His wife tried a good church a year or so ago, but he did not show any interest then, but now he has many questions. I’m looking forward to continued conversations with him.”

Curt has also made connections at the local high school. As a high school and college student, he was involved with Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and now he is an FCA chaplain at McMinn County High School. “FCA is the only place I’ve preached in Athens so far, teaching on John 11 and Genesis 3. We are taking our time getting to know both Christians and non-Christians. It’s our pleasure to slow down and listen to people’s stories in hope of sharing God’s story of redemption with them.”

Join us in prayer for the people the Stapletons have already built relationships with, for the family as they continue to settle in, and for the Redeemer core group, that this season would grow a firm base for a thriving church.

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