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God Is at Work: Testimonies From Woodlands Gathering

Greg Baney, church planting pastor at Woodlands Gathering, has seen God working in the hearts of Native American people through the church plant. Here are several stories from Greg.

“Recently, as I shared from the book of Acts with our Sunday afternoon small group, I had the chance to clearly articulate the gospel in words that I was certain those listening could understand. One lady in particular, who has faithfully attended our weekly gatherings from the beginning, had a simple, one-word response – “Wow!” She was amazed by the promise of restoration. She was amazed by the reality that the One we are following does not simply offer healing (a reversal of our suffering), but rather, He offers both healing and restoration. We were discussing the story from Acts 3 in which Peter and John, headed to the temple at the hour of prayer, offered Christ to the lame man who had been begging at the temple gate. When he was healed through the power of Christ, he not only had the infirmity removed (lameness), but was completely restored – he was able to walk and leap immediately without having to learn (Acts 3:8).”

“Early this summer, a visitor came to an outreach event. He shared that he’s not big on Jesus, Christianity, or Christians. I let him speak and share the pain in his heart. At the end of the event, he asked if he could get something from his car. He returned with the feather of a red-tailed hawk and gave it to me. He explained that in Cherokee culture, receiving an eagle feather is the greatest honor; the second greatest is a feather from a red-tailed hawk. He thanked me for what Woodlands is doing. Even as he shared his own dislike of Christianity, he appreciates our ministry. We pray for further opportunities to share Jesus’ love with him in tangible ways.”

Please pray with Greg, Woodlands Gathering, all of us for more Natives to be awakened by the Holy Spirit and, in turn, to become indiginous missionaries to their friends and family.

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