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“Every dawn brings a stronger recognition that I am new in Christ.”

“What a joy it has been to first visit and then become a member at Grace Presbyterian Church. I have become immersed in the Word of God and Jesus Christ through this experience, growing in faith literally every day. This journey has become a remarkable blessing, and every dawn brings a stronger recognition that I am new in Christ. I am so grateful.”

- Jim Hale Member of Grace Presbyterian Church in Jasper, TN


"Our gathering has helped me be more contemplative about the gospel. Something usually sticks with me following a Tuesday night Bible study, and I end up camping out with an idea or two for the next few days.

“It’s been a while since I have thought about how I could be a blessing to Gilmer County. I have my usual haunts around town, and I think I’m pretty good at striking up conversations with folks, but Tuesdays have got me thinking a bit more intentionally about where those simple acquaintances could go.

“It’s also been interesting getting to know everyone in the group and hearing their perspectives on the gospel, church, theology, etc. We all share some commonalities, but we are also coming from very different places. The Lord has his reasons for bringing us together. I hope that I can enjoy the ride and make the most of our group as we see how things unfold.”

- Craig Ellijay, GA Bible Study Participant Potential Church Plant Core Group Member


“My seminary studies have improved my preaching and have helped me think through my church background and rural context. It’s really helped give me a peace in my ministry as I try to bridge the gap between the community’s church culture and sound theology. Seminary has truly been a God-send. I’m excited about what God has ahead.”

- Will Davis TVP Intern with Rural Church Development LAMP Seminary Student

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